Sharing community files and folders

Sharing files is a great way to collaborate in a community. By encouraging members to upload files, you can work together on shared documents and build up a repository of community information.

Uploading a file to a community

With Editor access, you can upload a new file directly from the community. For more information about access types for community files, see Assigning app roles for community members.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Communities and select the community that you want to add a file to.
  2. In the Files area of the community Highlights page, click Add Files. If you're the first person to share files, the link displays as Add Your First File.

    Alternatively, click Files in the community menu. Then, click Add and select New File from the list.

  3. Click the My Computer tab and browse for the file in your desktop or drag and drop the file from your desktop to the dialog box.
  4. If you want to add tags to the file, click Additional Options to expand it and enter the relevant keywords.
  5. Click Upload.
Important: When you upload a file to a community, you cannot do the following tasks:
  • Share the file with others outside of the community
  • Share the file with multiple communities
  • Add the file to your personal folders
  • Move the file to another location that is not the Trash or a community folder
  • Access the file from My Files or Pinned Files pages on the Files app
  • Find the file by tags

Sharing files and folders

Share an existing file or folder from your Files app repository with the community. Only public files and folders can be shared.
  1. From the navigation bar, click Communities and select the community you want to share a file with.
  2. In the community menu, click Files then Add and select Share File with Community or Share Folder with Community from the list.
  3. Select a file or folder from the dropdown (Recent by default).
  4. Select one or more files or folders that you want to share. For folders, specify if you want community members to have Reader, Editor, or Owner access. For more information on access levels, see Working with files and Working with folders.
  5. Click Share Files or Share Folders.

Editing a file

If HCL Docs is deployed and the file type is supported by the HCL Docs editor, you can edit directly in your browser by selecting the file, clicking the More Actions icon More Actions icon then selecting Edit in Docs.